Snowshoeing and Snowshoe Rental in Estes Park

Everyone knows that the Rocky Mountains provide the perfect place for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. But if you’re looking for something a little more low-key, Estes Park snowshoeing is an inexpensive way to get the most out of your winter vacation. Whether you’re on a snowshoeing tour or are setting your own path through the snow-covered pine trees, there are plenty of memories to be made in the Colorado wilderness.

Trek through the Rockies and discover all the wonders Mother Nature has to offer. Join an Estes Park snowshoeing tour group to explore some of the lesser-known mountain areas or strap in for a quick walk around the snowy grounds of the beautiful Stanley Hotel. Whether you’re out to find the most breathtaking mountain vista or are simply looking to get some exercise, snowshoeing is one of the most popular winter activities in Estes Park for locals and visitors alike.

From the wood-frame shoes explorers used in years past to the aluminum models we use today, snowshoes have made it possible for explorers to trek across snowy terrain for thousands of years. Today, we see extreme snowshoers who hike the backcountry of Colorado, casual snowshoers trying it out for the first time, and everything in between!

The Stanley Hotel offers the perfect starting point for snowshoeing in Colorado. Load up a backpack with a picnic lunch and take the entire family on a snowshoeing day trip. You can also drive up to Trail Ridge Road where you’ll find miles of hiking trails and plenty of places to go snowshoeing off the beaten path. Ask the concierge for information about local tours and snowshoe rentals in the area. If you’re interested in taking a tour, be sure to plan ahead and give yourself time to find the right tour as well as the right type of snowshoes based on your planned activity. For instance, those guests trying it out for the first time should look for recreational hiking snowshoes that are made for simple terrain. You’ll also find snowshoes made especially for fitness training, as well as the sturdier snowshoes made for venturing out into more powdery areas.

Reserve a room at the historic Stanley Hotel and begin planning a Colorado vacation you’ll never forget!